Vistaplan Trolley Carriers

Trolley Carriers are designed to easily store, organise and access your professional drawings, designs and illustrations. Trolley Carriers are also a great storage solution for keeping your CAD plots safe. Whether you’re looking to store A1 or A0 drawings, a Vistaplan Trolley Carrier is the perfect solution for an easily-manoeuvrable piece of drawing storage equipment.

Vitsaplan trolley carriers

Trolley Carrier

The standard trolley carrier is a strongly constructed high-capacity storage system that maximises the capacity of drawings that can be stored per square metre of floor space and can be easily manoeuvred around the office, storing up to 2,000 sheets of paper.
vistaplan mobile display trolley carrier

Mobile Display Carrier

The Vistaplan mobile display carrier is designed to easily find your drawings with sit’s one-sided handles attachment. It allows you to store up to 20 drawing hangers of any size, giving you a maximum capacity of 1,500 sheets of paper whilst being fully manoeuvrable.
front loading trolley carriers

Front Loading Trolley Carrier

The front-loading trolley carrier is ideal for storing multiple copies of drawings of architectural plans. It is designed to accommodate up to 20 plan hangers that can all hold paper of mixed sizes. The front-loading trolley carriers can hold up to 1,500 sheets of paper.

About Vistaplan Trolley Carriers

All Vistaplan trolley carriers are designed to easily store and access professional drawings, building plans, maps, posters and other large sheets, including CAD plots, wherever you need them with these space-saving trolley carriers.

The carriers can hold up to 20 hangers and 2,000 sheets (100 per hanger) depending on paper weight and thickness. They will accommodate mixed paper sizes up to and including A1 and A0. You can lift the hanger out of the trolley and flick through the sheets like a book without having to open the hanger but, when you need to take one out, the clamp opens flat for easy access. The effective clamp design also means that there is no need for planstrips. Each trolley carrier is fitted with four swivel castor wheels to make it easy to manoeuvre.

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