Drawing Storage

Here at Vistaplan, we offer a wide range of drawing storage solutions for you to keep all of your drawings, designs and illustrations safe and well-organised. Storage for your drawings can come in a variety of different forms, ranging from Planchests, Anti-Tilt Cabinets and Plan Hangers.

All of our drawing storage solutions are designed to provide you with a professional and well-organised place to store all of your drawing plans.

Vistaplan Planchests

Our planchests are available in two sizes to accommodate both A1 and A0 sheets, and a variety of materials, including metal and wooden, all of which are designed to keep your drawings, designs and plans organised and safe at all times.

Metal Planchests

Our metal planchests are a high-performance, lockable storage unit that is designed to keep your plans safe and organised. They come in four different sizes that will accommodate A1 and A0 drawings.
9 drawer oak planchest

Traditional Planchests

Our traditional planchests are high-quality and hand-built into modular 3-door sections, available in 6 or 9-door formats. They are all designed to accommodate A1 and A0 drawings.

Economy Plan Chests

Our economy planchests are the perfect solution for drawing storage in an educational setting. Equipped with 6 drawers, this planchest can be supplied in a range of colours, including grey, light oak and beech.

Drawing Cabinets and Plan Files

Our drawing cabinets and plan files are designed to store both A1 and A0 drawings in mass. Each of these products is capable of storing between 800 and 1,000 drawings depending on the weight and thickness of the paper.

Standard Cabinets

The standard drawing cabinets hold between 800 and 1,000 drawings, depending on their weight and thickness. Available in A1 and A0, with 2-prong or 4-prong configurations, the standard cabinets offer the perfect solution for storing your drawings in mass.
grey anti tilt drawing storage cabinet

Anti-Tilt Cabinet

Our anti-tilt cabinets provide the same features as the standard drawing cabinets, however, the anti-tilt offers feet that are fixed to the bottom of the cabinet that automatically extend and retract when the doors open, which allows the cabinet to be free-standing.
vistaplan industrial plan file

Industrial Plan File

The industrial plan file is designed to accommodate up to 800 plans and drawings, depending on the weight and thickness of the paper. In order to store and hang your designs inside this you will require the use of our self-adhesive planstrips.


Planstrips are required for use with our cabinets and plan files shown above. These are manufactured with a self-adhesive strip to secure your drawings in your chosen cabinet or plan file. These are available in A1 and A0 sizes with 2 or 4-hole configurations

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