A Planchest is a cabinet designed to hold large drawings – it is rather like a chest of drawers but with drawers which are only 75 mm (about 3 inches) deep and large enough to hold paper up to A0 size – (1189mm by 841mm). Planchest can be made from natural wood, painted wood or metal and can have between six and eight drawers which can be locked. See the Vistaplan Planchest section.

Paper sizes are based on the international paper size standard, ISO 216:

  • A0 (1189mm by 841mm)
  • A1 (841mm by 594mm)
  • A2 (594mm by 420mm)
  • A3 (420mm by 297mm)
  • A4 (297mm by 210mm)

A Bobby Trolley is a small, wheeled trolley with several storage drawers and shelves and is designed to store art materials such as paints, papers, scissors, glue and pens – and, since it is fitted with castors, it is easily moved around. Read about the Vistaplan Bobby Trolley.

The Vistaplan Art Workstation is an industry unique product, offering a less formal working environment than a drawing board. Whilst there is no parallel motion, there are useful cassettes on the side of the board for either storage of the working medium or in some cases a mixing pallet suitable for paint.

Vistaplan manufacture and supply four art stations:

  • Starter Workstation
  • Compact Workstation
  • Free Standing Workstation
  • Professional Workstation

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Our full terms and conditions can be found on our Terms and Conditions page

Drawing hangers are used for holding single or groups of large drawings and plans of mixed sizes all together for both reference during a project and for their storage when not needed.

Vistaplan Drawing hangers store drawings, maps and plots, having the highest holding capacity on the market, along with the easiest design to use as it opens completely flat when loading and is substantially designed and built to give many years of service.

Vistaplan Hangers come in three sizes – A1, A0 and A0 CAD. All can take paper from the size of a postit note up to their designated paper size.

Dependant upon paper weight (grammes per square metre – gsm) up to 100 sheets.

Planstrips are self adhesive strips of light cardboard which are laminated and can be stuck on to drawings to enable them to be stored in the Vistaplan Multiprong system,Industrial Planfile or Cabinet Range.

Anti tilt feet are available as an option on Vertical plan filing cabinets to improve their stability when opened. They help counteract the weight of large amounts of paper which maybe being stored in the cabinet to stop it over balancing. See our Anti-tilt Drawing Cabinet.

A parallel motion is fitted to a drawing board to give the user a movable horizontal base line, from which they can draw and reference. See our Continous Wire Parallel Motion

A sophisticated version of a parallel motion, which features a pivoted arm which can rotate to a range of angles for the draughts person to reference. They are supplied in either 120 or 250 variants – see our Draughting Machines.

The parallel motion is attached to wires which run up the side of the drawing board. Weights (hence counterweight) are used to help steady the motion against small movements when in use. See our Counterweight Parallel Motion.

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