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Craft Workstation

Art & Craft Workstations

The Art and Craft work stations supplied by Vistaplan make it easy to store art tools and material such as brushes, scissors, glue and paints alongside the working surface, making art and design work a much easier and more convenient process. The Bobby Trolley offers a means of storing art and craft materials in an accessible way, and since it is mounted on castors, can readily be moved around as required.

  • Desktop Compact Art Workstation

    Desktop Compact Art & Craft Workstation made from durable 15mm MDF sheet. Features a plastic cassette on either the left or right-hand side.

    • 796mm x 592mm
    • integrated handle
    • single position stand
    • space saving design
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  • Desktop Starter Art Workstation

    The Desktop Starter has a simple leg arrangement which provides a comfortable working angle and doubles as a carrying handle.

    • ideal for A3 size work
    • 970mm x 592mm
    • integrated handle
    • single position stand
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  • Desktop Professional Art Workstation

    The Desktop Professional with adjustable 4 position stand. The cassette and mixing pallet can be interchanged from side to side.

    • 1000mm x 700mm
    • 4 position stand
    • removable palette
    • art materials cassette
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  • Freestanding Professional Art Workstation

    Free standing version of the Professional Workstation but with larger board and tubular stand.

    • 1200mm x 790mm
    • fold away design
    • adjustable height
    • adjustable angel
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  • Bobby Trolley

    Multi-purpose mobile storage trolley fitted with castors for ease of movement.

    • Office/surgery/home
    • Easily moved
    • Store office supplies
    • Craft materials etc
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